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Discover our extensive range of structural timber, roofing battens, CLS timber and more - available in a range of treated and untreated options which are ideal for indoor and outdoor joinery projects. Sourced from sustainably managed suppliers, our high-quality timber is perfect for building decking frames, stud walls and joists, as well as in the construction of roofing and flooring.

What Types of Timber Do You Stock?

We stock a range of different timber for various applications, but some of our most popular categories are:

Treated vs Untreated Timber

Much of our structural timber is available treated and in fact, treated timber is the more commonly used of the two. Typically, our timber is treated to UC2 - which has some resistance to pest and moisture and is best suited for wall, floor and ceiling construction. Some of our timbers for outdoor use (decking, fencing) are treated for higher moisture and pest resistance.

What does Pressure Treated Mean?

Pressure treated timber refers to a process used to treat wood in order to make it more resistant to decay, insects, and other environmental hazards. The process involves placing the wood in a pressure chamber and then forcing a preservative solution into the wood under high pressure. This allows the preservative chemicals to penetrate deep into the wood fibers, providing long-lasting protection. These chemicals help to inhibit the growth of fungi, insects, and other organisms that can cause decay or damage to the wood.

Kiln Dried Timber

Kiln-dried timber is wood that has been carefully dried in a controlled environment, typically a large oven or kiln. This process removes excess moisture from the wood, reducing its moisture content to a specific level suitable for various applications. Kiln drying helps to minimize the wood's susceptibility to warping, shrinking, and cracking, while also improving its strength and stability. The controlled drying process ensures that the wood reaches a uniform moisture content throughout, making it more predictable and consistent in its performance. Kiln-dried timber is often preferred for construction, furniture making, and woodworking projects where stability, strength, and dimensional accuracy are important factors.

What is Regularised Timber?

Regularised timber refers to timber that has been processed to achieve consistent dimensions and smooth surfaces. This processing typically involves trimming and planing the wood to standardized sizes and shapes, ensuring uniformity in thickness, width, and length. This often results in the timber being a few mm smaller in width and thickness than their "official" size, but is so minimal that it is likely to have no impact on the large majority of projects.

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