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Choose from a wide range of general purpose, moisture resistant, vapour resistant, fire resistant and acoustic plasterboard manufactured by Siniat, one of the leading manufacturers of paper-faced plasterboard sheets.

Size of Siniat Plasterboard

We stock a wide range of Siniat plasterboards and while most are in the standard size of 1200mm x 2400mm (4x8) we also stock a selection of smaller boards suitable for easier handling and installation, as well as tall and extra tall plasterboard for specialised uses. Most of our Siniat plasterboards are offered in Tapered Edge and Square Edge finishes, and are typically available in thicknesses 9.5mm, 12mm and 15mm, with some exceptions. 

General Use Wallboard Plasterboard

Also known as “drywall”, Siniat General Purpose plasterboard is a commonly used building material in the construction of walls which is easy to install and is typically attached to wall studs or with plasterboard adhesive directly to masonry. Usually, a general use plasterboard is used where no specific properties are required, such as moisture or fire resistance. We offer a range of general use plasterboard - both in common sizes 12.5mm and 15mm 2400x1200mm, and also in some slimmer profiles (6mm, 9.5mm) in less traditional sizes (extra tall, handiboard size 900mmx1800mm). 

GTEC Acoustic Plasterboard

We offer a selection of Siniat acoustic plasterboards designed for use in dampening the travel of sound between rooms. As well as a more standard acoustic plasterboard (Siniat GTEC dB) we also offer the GTEC “Plank” - a thicker, heavier board designed for more specialist use. 

GTEC Fire Rated Plasterboard

GTEC’s Fire rated plasterboard is a type of plasterboard that offers enhanced protection against fire via special additives such as glass fibres to improve its fire resistance with a reaction to fire class of Euroclass A2-s1,d0, which means they have limited combustibility (the second best rating, below A1 - Non combustible) with smoke emissions “absent or very little” and no burning droplets present. They are most commonly used in kitchens. 

Siniat GTEC Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Moisture resistant plasterboard is designed specifically to resist moisture and humidity - ideal for rooms with high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens. Siniat GTEC Moisture board has a water vapour resistance factor (μ) of 10. 

Siniat Vapour Resistant Plasterboard

Not to be confused with Moisture resistant plasterboard, though the name sounds similar, Siniat Vapour Board plasterboard has a slightly different composition and use. It is backed with a reflective, polyester film, designed to fulfil the same purpose as a vapour control layer without the additional steps. Ideal for wall and ceiling linings where vapour control is required to be integrated with plasterboard lining.

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