Chipboard Flooring

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Shop our 18mm and 22mm moisture-resistant, tongue-and-groove chipboard flooring - ideal for flooring underlay or loft boarding.

What is Chipboard?

Sometimes known as particle board, chipboard is a type of engineered wood board wood chips, sawdust and other wood particles that are bound with an adhesive and pressed to create a solid wood board. Though it is not the strongest of all engineered wood boards, it is perfectly suitable for projects such as loft boarding and as an underlay in some floors. 

Chipboard Flooring

Our chipboard flooring comes in a choice of two thicknesses - 18mm and 22mm. Though standard chipboard is not moisture resistant, our chipboard is treated with a moisture resistant treatment to allow it to hold up higher humidity, though for something regularly exposed to moisture, selecting an alternative product such as OSB or Marine Ply may be advised. Tongue and Groove chipboard flooring comes with grooved edges, allowing each board to be seamlessly slotted into the next, allowing for a neat and secure installation.

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