5x2 Timber

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Our 5x2 treated and untreated timber offers both versatility and durability, making it an ideal building material for a wide range of construction projects. With dimensions of 125mm in width and 47mm in thickness, it is a sought-after choice for framing, decking, and other outdoor structures.

What is 5x2 Timber Used for?

Our 5x2 timber is a versatile product with a variety of uses. Due to it’s strong C24 strength grading, it is often used in structural and framing applications such as in walls, ceilings and floors. It is also often used for outdoor structures such as pergolas and decking, when appropriate treatment is applied. 

What Type of 5x2 Timber Do You Sell?

Our 5x2 timber is available untreated, in a range of lengths to suit your project. Our 5x2 timber is kiln dried and regularised for a smooth and straight finish. If you require a treated 5x2 timber, please be sure to get in touch with a member of our team, as it may be possible to source for you. 

What Does C16 / C24 Stand For?

In the UK, regularised timber is most commonly classified into two grades: C16 or C24. The "C" signifies the wood type, specifically Conifer. The number (24/16) indicates the bend strength - which is based on factors such as imperfections and knots. While C24 is the stronger grade, C16 remains exceptionally strong and is used in numerous wall and roofing applications.

Do I Need Treated 5x2 Timber?

Untreated timber is most commonly used for interior projects where there is no risk of moisture. If your project is likely to come into contact with moisture, selecting a treated timber or further treating the timber yourself is recommended. Treated timber is often in practice preferred in interior projects such as framing and structural uses, as the pressure treatment helps defend against pests, and can be useful in event of leaks or moisture inside the building structure.

If you require 5x2 treated timber, please do contact us to check availability of stock.

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