Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

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Shop our range of moisture resistant plasterboard - designed to limit the effects of water vapour in areas of high humidity, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Choose from leading brands such as British Gypsum, Knauf and Siniat.

What is Moisture Resistant Plasterboard?

Moisture resistant plasterboard, sometimes called green plasterboard, is a type of plasterboard specifically designed to withstand damp and humid conditions, making it ideal for use in areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, and utility rooms. It is manufactured with additives in the core and a water-repellent facing to provide enhanced resistance to moisture. This ensures the board maintains its structural integrity and prevents mould growth. 

How to Install Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

To install moisture resistant plasterboard, first ensure the framing is correctly spaced and prepared. Cut the plasterboard to fit, using a utility knife or plasterboard saw, and position it with the green side facing outwards. Secure the boards to the studs with galvanised screws or nails, spacing them approximately 200mm apart along the edges and 300mm in the centre. Leave a small gap between the boards and the floor to prevent moisture wicking, and use joint tape and a moisture-resistant joint compound to seal the seams. Finally, sand the joints smooth once dry, and finish with a suitable primer and paint for added protection.

Types of Moisture Resistant Plasterboard

Our range of Moisture Resistant Plasterboards are manufactured by leading brands such as Knauf Moisture Board and British Gypsum (“bg”). Sometimes referred to as “waterproof” plasterboard, though there are many manufacturers of moisture resistant plasterboard, the vast majority of boards are identified by their blue / green paper facing and have extremely similar properties owing to the fact that they are intended to conform to the same building regulations - BS EN 520, though some have a slightly greater moisture resistance grade (h2, rather than H1).

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