Timber Cladding

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Shop our timber cladding, ideal for use in sheds and garden rooms, to create a traditional look and rain-channelling outer layer. Pressure treated timber gives this cladding some resistance to moisture and rot, and can be painted or stained.

What is Timber Cladding?

Timber cladding is a style of finish applied to a building exterior using timber boards, to protect the building from the elements with an aesthetically pleasing finish. A common choice for sheds and garden rooms, it is also often used in dormer windows and small extensions to add a contrast to masonry and rendered parts of the exterior. Our timber cladding is made from pressure treated timber, giving it some resistance to moisture and rot.

Benefits of Timber Cladding

The use of timber cladding has many benefits, particularly for less permanent structures such as sheds, where easy repair and customisation are a consideration. One such benefit is the aesthetic appeal of timber cladding - the natural texture of timber often allows for a more aesthetically pleasing alternative to masonry or rendering, and can be easily painted and stained. Equally, the versatility of timber boards allows for some customisation in size and orientation, which can help to achieve a unique look.

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