Kingspan Insulation

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A widely popular manufacturer of insulation, Kingspan manufacture highly effective Phenolic insulation boards that function in a similar way to PIR Insulation. Shop our range of Kingspan cavity wall insulation boards, designed for use in new external masonry cavity walls.

What is Phenolic Insulation Board?

Kingspan insulation is a Phenolic insulation board - a type of rigid insulation material made from phenolic foam, which is derived from phenolic resin. It is known for its excellent thermal performance, fire resistance, and low smoke production. Phenolic insulation is often used in building construction, including walls, roofs, and floors, due to its ability to provide superior insulation with a relatively thin profile. It has good moisture resistance and is often favoured in applications where space is limited but high insulation values are required. 

What is Cavity Wall Insulation

Kingspan Cavity Wall insulation is a type of insulation applied within the cavity walls (usually the exterior) of residential and commercial buildings. Many people are familiar with the form of cavity wall insulation that involves blowing small foam pellets into the cavity of existing houses, but modern houses are instead often built using Cavity insulation boards. Instead of being applied retroactively, this is added during the process of constructing the wall - literally from the ground up. It is designed either to fit in between the steel wall ties and is an effective thermal insulation.

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