Treated Timber

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Shop our selection of pressure treated timber joists, decking, battens and fencing carcassing. Treated to UC2 and UC3, our range of treated timbers are suitable for a range of projects from structural projects to decking and roofing. 

What is Treated Timber?

Our timber is pressure treated, meaning it is timber that has undergone a process to enhance its durability and resistance to decay, insects, and other environmental factors. This treatment involves impregnating the wood with chemical preservatives under high pressure to penetrate deep into its fibres. Our treated timbers are typically graded to UC2 or UC3, meaning they are typically treated to withstand light and infrequent exposure to moisture such as within a wall structure (UC2) or for outdoor use with no direct contact with the ground (UC3).

What Types of Treated Timber Do You Sell?

Some of our most popular products are our treated structural timber - available in a range of sizes, as well as our range of treated timber roofing battens which are suitable for a range of uses. We also offer a range of timber for outdoor projects such as decking timber and fencing

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