Plasterboard Fixings

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Complete your plastering project with the drywall screws, bead, and jointing tapes you need to create a smooth and seamless finish, from top brands such as Siniat, Senco and Expamet.

What is Scrim Tape?

Scrim tape is a self-adhesive mesh tape used in plastering and plasterboard installation to reinforce and cover the joints between plasterboard panels. Its primary function is to prevent cracking along the seams by providing added strength and stability. The mesh design allows plaster or jointing compound to penetrate through and bond the boards together more effectively.

What are Drywall Screws?

Drywall screws are specialised screws designed specifically for securing plasterboard (drywall) to wooden or metal studs. They feature a bugle-shaped head that allows them to be driven into the plasterboard without damaging the surface, and their coarse or fine threads provide strong holding power. Coarse-thread screws are typically used for wood studs, while fine-thread screws are ideal for metal studs.

What is Plasterboard Bead?

Plasterboard bead, also known as corner bead or edge bead, is a metal or plastic strip used to reinforce and protect the edges and corners of plasterboard installations. It is applied where plasterboard sheets meet to ensure straight, sharp corners and to prevent damage from impact. Plasterboard beads are available in various profiles, such as angle beads for external corners and stop beads for finishing edges. 

What is Jointing Tape?

Jointing tape, used in plasterboard installations, is a specialised tape designed to reinforce and cover the seams between plasterboard sheets. It is typically embedded in a layer of jointing compound to create a smooth, seamless surface ready for painting or wallpapering. There are two main types: paper tape, which is strong and provides excellent crack resistance, and fibreglass mesh tape, which is self-adhesive and easier to apply. Jointing tape is essential for preventing cracks along plasterboard joints, ensuring a durable and professional finish in interior walls and ceilings.

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