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We stock a wide range of glass mineral wool insulation by Isover, including mineral wool loft insulation, acoustic insulation roll and Cavity wall insulation. By nature, glass mineral wool is incombustible (fire resistant) product that is lightweight and easy to install. Its effective thermal insulation is created by the tiny air pockets within the insulation.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall insulation is a type of insulation applied within the cavity walls (usually the exterior) of residential and commercial buildings. Many people are familiar with the form of cavity wall insulation that involves blowing small foam pellets into the cavity of existing houses, but modern houses are instead often built using Cavity Slab insulation batts - such as Knauf Dritherm 32 and 37. Instead of being applied retroactively, this is added during the process of constructing the wall - literally from the ground up. It is designed to “friction fit” between the cavity walls, in between the steel wall ties, and is an effective thermal insulation.

What is Mineral Wool Insulation 

Mineral wool insulation is a type of insulation material made from natural minerals like glass or rock, which are melted down and spun into fibres. These fibres are then compressed into mats or formed into batts, boards, or loose-fill insulation products. Mineral wool is known for its excellent thermal insulation properties, as well as its ability to resist fire, moisture, and pests. It is commonly used in residential and commercial buildings to improve energy efficiency by reducing heat transfer through walls, ceilings, and floors. Additionally, mineral wool is favoured for its durability and resistance to mould and mildew, making it a popular choice for both new construction and retrofit projects.

Isover Mineral Wool Fire Rating

Isover Mineral Wool is rated Euroclass F Reaction to Fire classification, according to BS EN 13501-1. 

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