Fire Resistant Plasterboard

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Sometimes called “fire rated” or “fireproof” plasterboard, we stock a wide range of fire resistant plasterboard from popular manufacturers Knauf, British Gypsum and Siniat - often recognisable by its pink colour. Containing specific additives, plasterboard such as fireline and firepanel is specifically designed to reduce the spread of fire.

What is Fire Rated Plasterboard?

Fire rated or fireproof plasterboard is a type of plasterboard designed to offer enhanced protection against fire. It contains special additives such as glass fibres to improve its fire resistance, and is typically used in areas where increased fire safety is required, such as in kitchens, corridors, and partition walls. The board slows down the spread of fire, providing crucial extra time for evacuation and reducing structural damage. It is installed similarly to regular plasterboard but provides the added benefit of meeting certain fire safety standards and regulations.

How to Install Fire Resistant Plasterboard

To install fire resistant plasterboard, begin by measuring and cutting the boards to fit the required wall or ceiling dimensions. Secure the boards to the wooden or metal studs using fire-resistant drywall screws, ensuring they are tightly fitted to minimise gaps. Wherever possible, stagger the joints between sheets for better fire resistance. Use fire-rated jointing tape and fire-resistant jointing compound to cover the seams and screw heads, ensuring a seamless and smooth surface. Once the compound is dry, sand it down for a smooth finish. Finally, seal the edges and any penetrations, such as electrical outlets, with fire-resistant sealant to maintain the board's integrity and enhance fire protection.

Types of Fire Resistant Plasterboard

We stock a range of Fire Resistant Plasterboards from popular manufacturers, including Gyproc Fireline and Knauf Fireboard. These plasterboards are usually recognised by their pink coloured facing, and are sometimes called “pink plasterboard”. They are all largely similar products, as they are designed to conform to the same building regulations, with all boards holding a reaction to fire class of Euroclass A2-s1,d0, which means they have limited combustibility (the second best rating, below A1 - Non combustible) with smoke emissions “absent or very little” and no burning droplets present. 

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