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Shop our Aluminium Guttering system - for a durable and smart guttering and downpipe system that is long-lasting, strong and stylish and fits together seamlessly.

Aluminium vs PVC Guttering

Aluminium guttering and PVC guttering both offer distinct advantages depending on the specific needs and preferences of the homeowner. Aluminium guttering is prized for its durability, resistance to corrosion, and ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, making it a reliable choice for long-term performance. Additionally, aluminium guttering can be easily painted to match the aesthetics of the home. Whilst PVC guttering is lightweight, cost-effective, and requires minimal maintenance, it may not be as durable as aluminium and could be prone to damage from exposure to sunlight over time. Our Aluflow guttering system is powder-coated and available in a selection of three colours.

What Length of Gutter Downpipe do I Need?

Generally, single-storey structures typically require a downpipe length of 2.5 meters, whereas taller buildings may necessitate a longer one. The Aluflow Downpipe Connector enables the connection of downpipe lengths to achieve the precise fit for your building's requirements.

How to Install our Aluminium Guttering:

Our Aluflow collection is simple and DIY friendly. First, determine the parts you need to fit the gutter to your structure. This will typically include a gutter (cut to size if needed) downpipe, gutter stop-ends, one or more running outlets, and a downpipe shoe if needed. These are fitted to the wall with gutter and downpipe brackets. and each part is joined to the other with gutter unions or downpipe connectors. Use the offset bends and gutter angles to guide around the corners and contours of your building.

For the full installation guide, download it here.

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