Cavity Slab Insulation

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Insulate your space with our superior cavity and internal wall insulation such as Knauf Dritherm 32. Utilize our top-tier glass mineral wool insulation to create a warm, inviting atmosphere all year round. Non-combustible slabs are sized to fit between wall ties without the need for retaining discs.

Glass wool cavity slab insulation is an innovative insulation solution that is designed for use in external full-fill masonry cavity walls. It is made from a water-repellent glass mineral wool that offers excellent thermal performance. This insulation is typically inserted into the cavity of masonry walls during construction, providing a barrier against heat loss and helping to improve the energy efficiency of the building. By adding this insulation to the walls, it will help to reduce energy costs, improve comfort in the building, and help lower the carbon emissions of the building. The insulation is also easy to install, and it can be cut to fit the required size and shape of the wall cavities, making it a flexible solution for different wall types and sizes.

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