Timber Decking

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Our timber decking boards are available in a range of sizes and lengths to help you create gorgeous garden decking for all year-round. Use our timber decking boards on top of our sturdy C16 and C24 joists to build a strong and durable deck frame. Complete your project with our decking fixings and treatments.

What are Timber Decking Boards?

Our Timber Decking boards are lengths of timber specifically designed for building decking - with grooves along the length of them to improve drainage and grip, and create a uniform and aesthetically pleasing finish. In a choice of widths and lengths, you can choose the best size to suit your project. 

What are Timber Decking Boards Made of?

Our Timber decking boards are made of a sturdy redwood timber, and are grooved on both sides. Please note that the number of grooves may vary, so it is best to ensure the correct quantities are ordered initially, to prevent any mismatch of subsequent orders. Fixing or extending a deck and need a match? Email us with a photo and we’ll do our best to match things up. 

What sizes do Timber Decking boards come in?

We sell our timber decking in a range of sizes: a choice of two widths (125mm and 150mm). These are their nominal sizes, but after finishing, they are typically a few millimeters smaller than that (closer to approx 118mm / 141mm). This is typical in the timber industry and typically doesn’t have an impact on the majority of projects, as long as you are aware of this fact when starting a project.

We offer our timber decking boards in a range of  lengths - 3.6m, 4.2m and 4.8m so that you can source the perfect length for your decking project. 

Are your Timber Decking boards treated?

Yes, our decking boards are pressure treated for resistance against rot and pests. However, this treatment is not designed to hold up long term against direct contact with moisture. It is almost always advisable to further treat timber that will have any considerable contact with weather and ground moisture.

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