Rafter Supported Aluminium Glazing Bars

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The Alukap-XR  rafter supported glazing bar system is world leading glazing bar range with its all-aluminium full cover cap system, which eliminates the need for any unsightly plastic caps or connectors. Ideal for roofing projects such as pergolas, conservatories, carports, gazebos and more.


Suits Glass, Polycarbonate Roof Sheets & Glazing of any thickness! - Designed with maximum installation flexibility in mind, Alukap-XR glazing bars can be installed with glass or glazing of any thickness! This means that Alukap-XR bars are compatible with any thickness of both our Axgard Glazing Sheets and Axiome Multiwall Polycarbonate Sheets, with our Axgard Clear being especially popular with Alukap-XR for creating pergolas and decking covers.

Huge range of Colour Options - The Alukap®-XR system is manufactured in White RAL 9010 and Brown RAL 8040 ready for immediate despatch. Any other RAL or BS colour can also be manufactured to order, to suit any specific chosen colour scheme. A bespoke colour is always a winner visually so why not check out the options?

Concealed Fixings - ensuring lifespan on a roof is essential to save any future waterproofing or fixing failures so Alukap-XR was designed with hidden fixings to protect them from the weather and our harsh British winters!

Works on any Pitch Roof - The high quality multi-fin gasket systems combined with the variable pressure fixing screws supplied with the system allows glazing from zero degrees pitch to vertical glazing designs. 

Rafter Type Flexibility -The robust Alukap aluminium base bar and cover cap means Alukap-XR Bars can be secured to wood, metal or other rafters, simply utilise our Alukap-XR Rafter Gasket to create a secure seal and fixing. 

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