Marine Plywood

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Shop our range of quality 18mm and 12mm Marine plywood at great prices. For large projects, we offer bulk quantity sheets of plywood to help you make a saving. 

What is Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is the ideal choice for high moisture or humidity environments where standard plywood would not be suitable. Though it is not a 100% waterproof ply, the sheets (plies) are glued with waterproof glue, which makes it a more water-resistant alternative to standard plywood. 

Why is it called Marine Plywood

Marine plywood is called "marine plywood" because it is specifically designed and manufactured to withstand exposure to moisture and harsh marine environments due to a number of factors:

  • Water-Resistant Adhesives: Marine plywood is bonded with waterproof adhesives that are resistant to water and moisture. These adhesives prevent the layers of wood from delaminating or separating when exposed to water.
  • High-Quality Plies: The plies (thin layers of wood) used in marine plywood are of higher quality compared to standard plywood. They have fewer defects, such as knots and voids, which can weaken the plywood and make it more susceptible to water damage.
  • Durability: Marine plywood is made from durable wood species that have natural resistance to rot, decay, and fungal attack.
  • Consistency: The manufacturing process ensures that the plywood has consistent thickness and strength throughout, which is essential for its performance.

When to use Marine Grade Plywood

Though most people imagine that marine plywood is only for use in boats and docks, it actually has a myriad of uses. It is particularly popular in kitchens and bathrooms when building cabinetry and counters, and in flooring where moisture exposure is a concern. It is also commonly used in Gyms as a hard-wearing, cleanable and moisture-resistant surface, and in roofing and fascias. One aspect of Marine plywood is it’s generally smoother surface which can make it a more attractive choice for aesthetic projects, regardless of moisture levels.

Sizes of Marine Plywood

We carry two of the most popular sizes of marine plywood - 12mm and 18mm plywood - like most plywood, it comes in a standard size of 1220 x 2400mm (4x8 ft).

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