Insulation Tapes

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Shop our range of Insulation tapes for use sealing foil faced insulation such as Celotex and Recticel PIR insulation, and Multi-foil insulation - as well as some Vapour Control Layers. Designed to create an air-seal across foil-faced insulation to prevent thermal bridging. 

What is Insulation Tape?

We stock a range of insulation tapes - most of which are aluminium or otherwise reflective adhesive tapes - designed to be used when installing reflective insulation such as PIR insulation boards or multi-foil insulation to create a barrier against heat transfer.  It is used to seal joints and seams between sections of foil insulation, ensuring a continuous barrier to heat transfer and enhancing the overall effectiveness of the insulation. This is particularly important when sealing lap joints across Multifoil Insulation, where an airtight seal is imperative to achieve the desired thermal performance. Additionally, foil insulation tape helps to provide a vapour barrier, preventing moisture from penetrating the insulation layers, which could compromise its insulating properties. 

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