Roof Insulation

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Ideal for insulating roofing during roof replacements or ahead of loft conversions, our range of Roof Insulation is suitable for a variety of different applications. Choose from trusted branch names such as Celotex PIR Insulation and SuperFOIL.

What is Roof Insulation

Roof insulation is material installed within the structure of a roof to minimise heat transfer and improve energy efficiency. This insulation can be installed in various locations within the roof structure, including between rafters or on the exterior side of the roof. Common types of roof insulation materials include foam PIR board, Mineral Wool insulation and Multifoil Insulation.

Loft vs Roof Insulation

Though they sound similar - there is a difference between Loft insulation and roof insulation. Most typically Loft insulation is installed into the joists of the roof “floor”, whilst roof insulation is typically applied to the roof itself - typically between or over the rafters of the roof - either on the inside or outside, or both.

Types of Roof Insulation 

We stock a wide range of roof insulation products from popular manufacturers such as Celotex, Kingspan and SuperFoil. Most types of roof insulation are divided into two categories - Roof insulation that is installed between the rafters, and roof insulation that is applied over the top of rafters. These two can also sometimes be applied in conjunction with one another, too. Our rigid insulation boards and reflective insulation are typically used to “friction-fit” between rafters to provide effective insulation that allows for boarding and drylining. Multifoil insulation is applied instead over the rafters - some are applied on the exterior side before the application of roofing battens, whilst others are applied on the exterior side and fastened in place with fixings and counter battens.

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