Bitumen Corrugated Roofing Sheets

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Bitumen roof sheets have long been a popular choice for installation on residential and commercial roofing projects. Their unique mix of durability, affordability and ease of installation makes them a go-to choice for sheds, garages, stables and more.

When paired with the correct Rock N Lock Flashing and fixings, corrugated bitumen roofing sheets provide you with a good lifespan roof at an affordable cost.

Made from high-quality, durable materials, Corrapol Flashing stands up to harsh weather conditions, providing reliable protection against potential leaks and water damage. Its flexibility allows for easy installation, making it adaptable to various roof shapes and designs. With its durability and superior sealing properties, Corrapol Flashing is an invaluable part of maintaining the integrity and longevity of any roofing system.

There are two types of bitumen roof sheet available with varying strength and price points:

  • DIY Grade Bitumen Roof Sheets
  • Premium Bitumen Roof Sheets

Premium Bitumen Roof Sheets, like Awnapol®, are thicker and designed to be slightly more robust. These are great for larger roofing sheet projects, like stables or barns where quality is important. Looking for the most robust corrugated sheet? Check out our Corramet® Corrugated sheets for stronger, impact-resistant sheeting that is available in longer lengths up to 4 metres.

Available in a wide selection of colours, bitumen roof sheets are made in black, green, red and brown options. We also manufacture all the corrugated fixings and accessories in matching colours to suit. All are available for rapid delivery in just 1-2 days.

Please get in touch if you need help selecting the right fixing and flashing to use on your project. To start building a quote, the most basic accessories required on all roofs are:

  • Corrugated Roof Fixings / Corrugated nails
  • Eaves Filler
  • Rock N Lock gable Flashing

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