Joist Hangers

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Shop our range of Simpson masonry and timber-to-timber joist hangers for use in building construction and decking and pergola projects. Ideal for use with our structural timber

What are Masonry Supported Joist Hangers?

Masonry supported joist hangers are typically used in the construction of masonry walls to attach wooden joists securely. Made of galvanised steel, they are usually anchored into the wall during the process of constructing the wall, ensuring proper load transfer and structural stability. Their most common use is to attach floor and roof joists to walls or columns. 

What are Timber to Timber Joist Hangers?

Timber-to-timber joist hangers are used to join timber joists or beams together securely with a galvanised steel fixing. Ideally, they support the weight of a timber joist whilst connecting it to another, usually in a perpendicular arrangement, such as where Pergola roofing meets the frame, or where deck frame supports meet the outer frame. They provide structural support and stability, helping to distribute the load evenly and prevent the timber from shifting or separating over time. They are commonly used in floor framing, deck construction, roof framing.

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