PIR Insulation Board

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These easy-to install Celotex PIR insulation boards come with flawless cuts and can be worked on by anyone. High thermal performance is created by blending materials together using heat, which causes gases to be released and then trapped within the board. Popular sizes are 25mm Celotex, 50mm Celotex and 100mm Celotex.

Celotex have decades of experience in producing insulation boards, prioritising not only performance but also compliance with building regulations and carbon reduction initiatives. Their PIR boards are noteworthy for their high levels of energy efficiency.

We stock the full range of sizes, all available at the best prices online and with free delivery over £500.

Celotex insulation boards are high-performance building insulation products made from rigid polyisocyanurate foam. They are designed to provide thermal insulation, fire protection and sound reduction for various building applications, including roofing, walls, floors, and foundations.

Some key features of Celotex insulation boards include:

  • Excellent thermal performance: Celotex insulation boards have a high thermal conductivity rating, making them effective at reducing heat loss in a building.
  • Fire resistance: Celotex insulation boards are non-combustible and have a Class 0 fire rating, providing reliable fire protection for building structures.
  • Moisture resistance: Celotex insulation boards are designed to resist water absorption and maintain their insulation performance even in damp conditions.
  • Easy to install: Celotex insulation boards are lightweight, strong, and easy to cut, making them simple to install in various building applications.
  • Eco-friendly: Celotex insulation boards are made from a renewable resource and do not contain any harmful chemicals, making them an environmentally responsible insulation choice.

Celotex insulation boards are a cost-effective solution for improving the energy efficiency of a building and ensuring it meets fire and sound reduction requirements. Whether you are building a new construction or renovating an existing structure, Celotex insulation boards are a reliable and efficient insulation choice.

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