2x2 Treated Timber

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Our 2x2 Treated timber is perfect for lightweight structural uses such as in garden buildings and play houses, as well as for garden projects such as trellises due to it's light weight. Our 2x2 timber is pressure treated, kiln-dried and regularised for a smooth and reliable product suitable for a variety of projects.

What is 2x2 Timber Used for?

2x2 Timber is a small profile length of timber that is not suitable for structural purposes in most homes and commercial buildings - however it is sometimes used for partitioning and stud wall building in projects such as small sheds and garden buildings. It is also the perfect size to create garden structures such as trellises and planters due to its small dimensions and light weight. Furthermore, it is often used in the home for projects such as furniture making and trim - particularly for built-in projects such as shelving. 

What Types of 2x2 Timber Do You Sell?

We offer 2x2 treated timber in a range of lengths - from 2.4m to 4.8m. They are treated to UC2, offering some resistance to moisture and pests, though projects with direct contact with moisture will likely need further treatment or moisture proofing.

2x2 Timber Dimensions

Though typically named 2x2 timber, the dimensions of this timber in metric measurements are actually 47 x 50mm. However, in reality, as our timber is “regularised” (meaning it is planed to create a smooth and even piece of timber the entire way down the length) this usually results in a timber closer to a 45 x 45mm measurements. For the large majority of projects, this 3mm tolerance is negligible.

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