Fence Posts & Rails

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Working on a new fencing project? Whether your constructing a new fence or making small repairs, our range of treated timber fence posts, concrete fence posts and fence rails will help you construct a sturdy and beautiful boundary.

What are Fence Posts Used For?

Fence posts are typically made of pressure or dip-treated sawn timber or concrete, used for supporting and anchoring fences. They create a stable frame to which to attach rails and fence panels or boards. They are available in a variety of lengths, as typically a longer length of fence post is chosen in comparison to the height of the boards or panels, to ensure the posts are thoroughly secured in the ground. 

What is Arris Rail?

Cut diagonally from a length of squared length of timber, Arris rail is typically a triangular piece of timber used in close-board fencing. They are designed to be secured to fence posts - usually by cutting down each edge to fit a socket in the post, or with arris rail brackets. 

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