PSE Timber

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Find planed square edged (PSE) timber for every carpentry and joinery project, in sizes ranging from 50mm to 275mm wide, 16mm to 100mm thick.

What is PSE Timber?

PSE Timber or Planed Square Edge timber is a type of timber that has been planed on all sides to achieve a smooth finish, ideal for interior projects. The planing creates a sharp, squared edge, which is ideal for projects where a seamless finish with precise measurements is important. 

Uses for PSE Timber

Due to its properties, PSE timber has a wide range of uses. It is ideal for making door frames, windows and other woodworking, as well as furniture making such as cabinets, shelving  and built-in projects such as wardrobes. For structural projects, our C16 and C24 timber may be a better option.

What size is Planed Timber?

We stock a wide range of widths and thicknesses of PSE (Planed Square Edge) Timber, from 50mm to 225mm wide and 25mm to 100mm thick. These measurements refer to the “nominal size”, or the size they are initially cut to, but after planing on all sizes to achieve a smooth finish with sharp edges, the actual, finished size of the timber can be smaller by up to a few millimetres on all sides. 

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