Sheet Material

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At DIY Building Supplies, we stock a wide range of sheet materials to suit your projects, from structural, hardwood and marine plywood, to OSB, MDF and more, shop everything you need to get started on general and structural sheet material projects.

Plywood - General, Structural, Shuttering and Marine 

We stock a wide selection of plywood sheets to suit virtually every building and DIY project. As well as general use plywood, we also stock a range of specialty plywood - from Structural ply in a choice of pine or hardwood, to shuttering ply and even marine plywood for more weather-resistant projects. Starting at 3.5mm spanning up to 25mm, choose the perfect plywood to suit any structural, formwork or home decor project.

OSB Board and Flooring 

OSB or “Oriented Strand Board” is a type of engineered wood board made from small strands of wood adhered and compressed together to form a strong and sturdy board ideal for use in flooring and sheds. Though it appears similar to chipboard, the strands of wood are longer and more strategically placed, creating greater overlap of the strands which creates a stronger and sturdier board. Shop our range of OSB board - both standard and tongue-and-groove boards ideal for flooring and loft boarding. 

Chipboard Flooring

Ideal for loft boarding, our tongue-and-groove chipboard flooring is moisture resistant and easy to install, in a choice 18mm or 22mm thicknesses. 

Furniture Backing Board

Suitable for homemade furniture, use our furniture backing board to add a slim, neat finish to cabinets, wardrobes or DIY pinboards. 

MDF Board

A widely used product for DIY projects, our MDF board is ideal for creating built-in cupboards and wardrobes, shelving and board-and-batten style panelling, amongst millions of other uses! Shop our MDF boards in choice of 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm and 25mm thicknesses. 

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