SuperFOIL Insulation

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SuperFOIL is a leading manufacturer of reflective multi-foil insulation. Unusual in its slim form factor and flexibility, SuperFOIL is ideal for solid wall insulation, retrofits and conversions. Shop our wide range of space saving, DIY-friendly Super FOIL insulation at great prices. 

What is SuperFOIL Multifoil Insulation?

SuperFOIL manufactures a wide range of multi-foil insulation, a form of insulation typically used in roof, wall and floor insulation projects. Made with layers of insulation quilt sandwiched between reflective foil sheets, it creates a slimline but effective insulating layer that is easily moved, cut and installed with standard tools. As well as insulating, it functions as a radiant barrier, reflecting excess heat away during hot weather, and reflecting heat back into the building in cold. 

Where to use Multifoil Insulation

SuperFOIL Insulation for Walls

Due to it’s flexibility and slim profile, Multifoil has a wide range of uses. It is particularly useful in scenarios where traditional insulation would need to be much thicker, in a way that may compromise the floorspace such as in conversions of solid wall spaces like garages, outhouses and barns, and even van conversions! In these scenarios, it is typically applied horizontally across batten fastened to the wall, and fixed with a nail or staplegun - making it an extremely DIY-friendly product. 

SuperFOIL Insulation for Roofing

SuperFOIL is also commonly used in roofing insulation, where it can be retrofitted horizontally across the rafters, secured with heavy duty staples and insulation tape  - for additional insulation, ideally in conjunction with other insulation methods.

SuperFOIL Insulation for Floors

Finally, SuperFOIL offers a range of products designed for insulating many types of flooring, including solid flooring. A variety of sizes means thicker insulation rolls can be installed across joists, and slimmer varieties such as SFUF can be installed with no air gap in solid floors, where space is often at a premium.

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