Acoustic Roll Insulation

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This Acoustic Roll is a glass mineral wool roll, designed for use in internal wall and floor applications. It can help absorb sound waves to reduce noise levels within your home or office space while still providing class leading thermal insulation.

Acoustic Roll is an advanced Glass Mineral Wool roll designed to make your living space more peaceful and pleasant. Its non-combustible insulation material, with a fire classification of Euroclass A1, provides superior sound absorption and noise reduction properties – making it the ideal choice for internal wall or floor applications.

Crafted from Knauf Insulation’s unique bio-based binder ECOSE® Technology, Acoustic Roll brings you peace of mind as well as peace in your home!

Proven test results with all major brands of plasterboard to provide assured compliance with sound related building regulations.

Manufactured density in excess of 10kg/m³ meeting the requirements outlined within relevant sound related building regulations.

Rolls are designed to fit between studs to close joints, reducing the potential for unwanted gaps and ensuring high levels of sound insulation.

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