Self Supporting Aluminium Glazing Bars

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No Timber Required & Great Spanning 

Using self supporting aluminium glazing bars for a glass roof removes the need for installing timber rafters and increases the lifespan significantly. Aluminium does not rot as timber does over time. What’s more, with little additional cost a self supporting glazing bar can save you money.

Choose the Low span self supporting glazing bars for spans up to 3.4m* and for longer spans up to 5.6m* choose our High Span self supporting glazing bars.

When installing an Axgard or glass roof it is essential to have the correct glass glazing bars to properly secure your glazing. There are two main types of glazing bars for glass roofs: Self supporting and rafter supporting. Both types of glass glazing bar are manufactured from aluminium for a high-quality finish and long life span. This glazing bar selection is also suitable for Solid Glazing Sheets like Axgard.

Whether you use self supporting or rafter supporting glazing bars for your glass roof as both types work with any thickness of glass! Common projects include using aluminium glazing bars for 6mm when building a canopy or 4mm glass for a gazebo roof.

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