Plaster & Adhesive

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Shop our range of plaster and adhesive from popular brands such as British Gyspum and Siniat. Used for dot-and-dab, plastering directly onto brick and stone wall, and for joining and filling gaps between plasterboard.

What is Plasterboard Adhesive?

Plasterboard adhesive, or drywall adhesive, is a product used to attach plasterboard to surfaces such as masonry walls, and ceilings. Typically made from a blend of polymers, resins, and bonding agents, it ensures a secure bond, often applied in blobs or lines on the back of the plasterboard or substrate. This adhesive reduces the need for mechanical fixings, aids in sound and thermal insulation, and minimises thermal bridging. Types vary for specific applications, including high-moisture environments or rapid setting.

What is Finish Plaster?

Finish plaster is a fine, smooth plaster applied as the final coat on walls and ceilings to create a smooth, decorative surface ready for painting or wallpapering. It is typically used after a base or undercoat plaster has been applied, ensuring a level surface. Finish plaster is formulated to provide a hard, durable finish and can be troweled to achieve a polished look. 

What is Plasterboard Sealer?

Plasterboard sealer, also known as drywall sealer or primer, is a specialised coating applied to plasterboard surfaces before painting or wallpapering. Its primary function is to seal the porous surface of the plasterboard, providing a uniform base that improves the adhesion and appearance of subsequent finishes. The sealer helps to prevent uneven absorption of paint or wallpaper adhesive, reducing the risk of blotches or inconsistent coverage. 

What is Jointing Compound?

Jointing compound is used to fill and smooth the joints between plasterboard panels. Applied over joint tape, it creates a seamless, even surface by covering gaps, screw holes, and other imperfections. Jointing compound comes in various forms, including ready-mixed or powder that needs mixing with water. 

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