3x2 Treated Timber

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Our 3x2 treated and untreated timber offers both versatility and durability, making it an ideal building material for a wide range of construction projects. With dimensions of 75mm in width and 47mm in thickness, it is a sought-after choice for framing, decking, and other outdoor structures.

What is 3x2 Timber Used For?

3x2 timber is most commonly used for framing, particularly in residential construction for wall studs and roof rafters where its relatively smaller size is suitable. It's also commonly employed in DIY projects such as garden structures due to its manageable dimensions and structural strength.

What Types of 3x2 Timber Do You Offer?

We offer a range of 3x2 timber - all suitable for structural applications, both treated and untreated.  As well as standard 3x2 timber, we also offer 3x2 CLS timber, which although they are named similarly, has slightly smaller dimensions and is ideal for stud walls and partitioning. 

What Does C16 / C24 Stand For?

In the UK, regularised timber is most commonly classified into two grades: C16 or C24. The "C" signifies the wood type, specifically Conifer. The number (24/16) indicates the bend strength - which is based on factors such as imperfections and knots. While C24 is the stronger grade, C16 remains exceptionally strong and is used in numerous wall and roofing applications.

What Does CLS Stand For?

CLS stands for “Canadian Lumber Standard” as it was originally sourced in Canada. Nowadays it is grown and sourced from various countries including grown here in the UK, but CLS is still used as a common name to identify the product. CLS is typically used for structural projects such as stud walls and partitioning, and is regularised on all sides, giving it a smaller profile than standard 3x2 timber by a few millimetres.

3x2 Timber Dimensions

Timber sizing can be confusing if you are not already familiar with it, but once you understand it is quite simple. “3x2” refers to the traditional way of measuring timber - in inches. In millimetres, this roughly translates to 47x75mm. However, as our structural timber is regularised - a process where each side of a length of timber is planed to achieve a uniform finish - in reality the dimensions are typically a few mm smaller than that - more like 45mm x 70mm. The exception is CLS timber, which is planed on all sides, making it’s dimensions a further few mm smaller - approx 38mmx63mm.

Do I Need Treated 3x2 Timber?

Our Treated 3x2 Timber is treated to UC2 and can be used in outdoor construction, though timber in direct contact with moisture may need further treatment. Our CLS and untreated 3x2 timber is more typically used indoors in the construction of timber frame structures, although treated timber can also be used, as it simply gives it additional resistance to moisture and pests.

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