Multiwall Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets

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Axiome® polycarbonate multiwall roofing sheets provide a lightweight and robust roofing solution that can be used in many varied applications. The use of Axiome roofing sheets is increasing all the time, due to its inherent properties and ease of installation which makes it ideal for DIY & Trade roofing projects such as carports, lean-tos, canopies and more!


UV Protected - We manufacture Axiome® Polycarbonate sheets with lifespan in mind and so protect one side of the sheets with a special UV Protection layer to provide maximum clarity and light transmission, whilst ensuring an estimated lifespan of over 20 years.

Wide range of thicknesses - Similar to our Axgard® Solid Glazing Sheets, we manufacture our Axiome Sheets in a wide range of thicknesses. Available in six different thicknesses from 4mm to 35mm, Axiome® is manufactured in a huge range of sheet sizes to suit virtually every eventuality providing probably the widest selections of polycarbonate globally.

Whether you are looking for a twin wall polycarbonate like the 10mm sheet or a thicker conservatory polycarbonate sheet like the 25mm sheet we will have the sheet for you. 

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