Warmline PIR Insulated Plasterboard

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Warmline is a popular brand of PIR Insulation-backed plasterboard, designed to eliminate the need to fit both insulation and plasterboard separately. Ideal for use in internal walls, or for application in flat roofs and loft conversions.

What is Insulated Plasterboard?

Insulated plasterboard is a time saving and DIY friendly option for drylining and stud wall construction, comprised of a sheet of general-use plasterboard (such as wallboard) adhered to a sheet if insulating material - ranging from simple polystyrene backing to our high performance, foil-backed PIR insulation.

About Warmline PIR Insulated Plasterboard

For the perfect time-saving product, Warmline PIR is an innovative design that combines the insulating and plasterboarding step. It consists of a sheet of PIR (Polyisocyanurate Foam) Insulation bonded to a traditional wallboard plasterboard with a tapered edge. This is ideal for reducing the storage required ahead of construction, and reducing construction time.

Warmline Sizes of PIR Plasterboard

Warmline PIR Insulated Plasterboard is sold in a range of thicknesses. As insulated plasterboard is often used in conjunction with other insulation materials to achieve a certain u-value, the thickness is typically selected in accordance with the target u-value. They are made by adhering standard sizes of PIR insulation board to a 12.5mm general purpose plasterboard, so the resulting thicknesses are:

37.5mm (25mm PIR board), 52.5mm (40mm PIR board), 62.5mm (50mm board) and 72.5mm (60mm PIR board).

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