Novia Membranes and VCLs

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Shop our extensive range of Novia products, from Breather Membranes and Gas Barriers to Vapour Control Layers and Building Wraps. With a wide range of membranes with varying strengths and efficacies for all of your projects, Novia Ltd is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality construction membranes, offering a range of products that ensure the durability, efficiency, and safety of buildings across the UK and beyond.

Breather Membranes

Novia's breather membranes are engineered to allow insulated structures to release excess moisture. These membranes are essential for maintaining the integrity and longevity of wall and roof structures, including:

Novia Black+ Pro 150GSM

 This high-spec membrane is suitable for both roof and wall applications, providing robust protection against environmental elements.

Novia Reflex Reflective Breather

Enhances thermal performance by reflecting heat, ideal for energy-efficient construction.

Novia FR Class B-s1,d0

A fire-rated membrane compliant with UK building regulations, suitable for high-rise and standard constructions.

These membranes not only enhance the breathability of buildings but also protect against wind-driven rain and dust, ensuring optimal performance and durability​.

Vapour Control Layers (VCLs)

Novia’s vapour control layers are critical for managing moisture within buildings, preventing condensation, and protecting insulation. These layers are placed on the warm side of the insulated wall, roof or floor to manage internal moisture.

Novia VC2 AVCL

Provides excellent moisture management and is suitable for various construction types.

Novia VC4000 FR Reflective AVCL

Designed for use in constructions over 18 meters in height, offering enhanced fire resistance and reflective insulation properties.

Gas and Damp Proof Membranes

For sites requiring protection against ground gases and moisture, Novia manufactures specialised membranes such as:

Novia 1600G Radon Gas Barrier

Protects against radon gas, damp, and carbon dioxide.

Novia Methane Pro DPM

Provides comprehensive protection against methane, damp, radon, and carbon dioxide, meeting BS 8485 standards.

Tapes and Sealants

Use our range of Novia tapes and sealants to ensure the proper installation and sealing of breather and gas membranes, vapour control layers and building papers, such as:

Novia Double Sided Butyl Tape

Used for sealing laps and edges of membranes.

Novia Aluminium Foil Tape

Provides a strong seal and additional protection against environmental factors.

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