Rockwool Insulation

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If you are looking for insulation with both thermal and acoustic insulating properties, Rockwool mineral wool insulation is an ideal choice for roof, wall and floor insulation. Made of a non-combustible material, this versatile insulation is highly fire resistant.

Rockwool - Stone Mineral Wool Insulation

Rockwool is a mineral wool insulation - a type of insulation material made from natural rock melted down and spun into fibres which are then compressed often with a binding agent into mats with a wool-like texture. Mineral wool is known for its excellent thermal insulation properties, due to the small pockets of air created during the manufacturing process. It is also a non-combustible material, making it an effective choice where fire-resistance is a concern. 

Rockwool RWA45 Acoustic Insulation

Rockwool RWA45 Acoustic mineral wool insulation is a versatile insulation product made from stone mineral wool, the small pockets of air formed within the “wool” helps to create an effective acoustic barrier to dampen noise in walls, roofing and flooring, whilst retaining a thermal conductivity value of 0.035 W/mK. Sized at 1200mm x 600mm, they are designed to fit the typical size gap between joists, studs, etc. 

Rockwool Flexi ® Insulation Slab

Rockwool Flexi ® is a multi-purpose roof, wall and floor insulation designed for easy installation, with a “flexible” edge that allows the installer to simply push the insulation to one side of the structure, and it will spring back to create a secure friction fit. Measuring 1200mm x 600mm they are sized to fit common sizes of joist and stud cavity, and offer effective acoustic and a thermal conductivity of 0.038 W/mK.

Rockwool RW3 Insulation Slab

Ideal for use in walls, ceilings and floors, RW3 is a non-combustible mineral wool insulation that can help slow the spread of fire in building structure. With significant thermal insulation properties (thermal conductivity value of 0.034 W/mK) it is ideal for insulating walls and flooring against loss of heat, but also offers acoustic insulation properties to reduce the transfer of sound across interior walls and ceilings. 

Rockwool Hardrock Multi-Fix Insulation Board

Rockwool Hardrock Insulation is mineral wool insulation formed into a dense board, specifically designed for use flat roofing to create a non-combustible insulating layer (Euroclass A2-s1, d0) with effective thermal insulation and acoustic insulation against noise such as rainfall drumming. Its high fire resistance allows for the application of waterproofing layers such as torch-applied bitumen roofing.

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