Why MDF is the Perfect Product for Your Next DIY Project!

Why MDF is the Perfect Product for Your Next DIY Project!

So, Why is MDF The Perfect Product for your Next Project?

Making alterations or renovating your home is a daunting task and comes with many challenges, but a lot of reward if done well. Your material of choice is a component which can hugely alter the cost of your project and in turn its viability. 

MDF sheet material is strong & versatile - perfect for your home improvement projects. Sheet material products vary in shape, densities and materials and are a great multi-purpose product. They come in two forms - standard MDF and Moisture Resistant MDF and can be used both internally and externally for trade and DIY projects, require minimal preparation and are easy to install and cut to size.

What is MDF and What is it Best Used For?

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an engineered wood made from a combination of fibres and resin that are glued together under pressure. This makes it an extremely dense and sturdy product. 

This sheet material is mostly used in carpentry for shelving, decorative wall panelling, trim moulding, cabinet doors, tabletops and other projects where a large weight-bearing capacity is not required. MDF is a versatile product which takes well to use with hand or power tools. It can be stained or painted in line with the aesthetic of a room which makes it a great product for finishing touches.

Cutting Your MDF Boards Effectively!

When deciding to take on doing your DIY projects yourself, you want to take as much care as possible; especially when starting out. Getting the perfect cut will result in the perfect finish and we have some tips and tricks to achieve just that!

  • Take your time! This shouldn’t be an easy or quick process and if it is, then you’re rushing. Taking time to plan your cuts will result in a smooth, quality finish.
  • Use a straightedge to guide where you are cutting, and you will get a precise and neat result.
  • Ensuring that you are using a sharp blade will make cutting through the MDF easier and will decrease the chance of it splintering.
  • Once you have completed your cuts, it is important to finish the edges properly. Freshly cut MDF edges can be sharp so make sure that you sand them down and apply edge banding if needed. 

What are The Advantages of MDF That You Should Be Aware Of?

MDF is an easier product to work with than the likes of solid wood. With its ability to cut so precisely, it makes an uncomplicated product to use - especially if you aren’t in the trade and don’t have the experience in carpentry or access to the correct tools. 

Because MDF is a man-made product and much easier to come by than the likes of natural products, it is a lot more cost-effective than the likes of solid wood. MDF is the alternative that will still give a high-end finish to a project but without the high-end price tag. So, if you are renovating on a budget and want to find a cost-effective product that won’t compromise on quality, MDF should be a serious contender in your product shortlist!