PVC Glazing Bars

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The ever-popular Snapa Rafter Glazing Bar is extruded as a low cost budget glazing bar for use with multiwall polycarbonate sheets. Commonly used for timber carports, decking covers, lean tos and more, snapa is easy to install and work with.


Visually Consistent design - Snapa is designed as a cost effective way for DIYers and Trade to complete their roofing project whilst maintaining a professional and quality finish! With a smart shared design across the trio of Snapa Bars, standard, wall and gable, these Snapa bars ensure your roof is outstanding across the whole roof!

Ease of installation, coextruded gaskets - Manufactured with co-extruded gaskets top and bottom, Snapa Glazing Bars save you the hassle of having to fiddle around with gaskets prior to installation!

Works with multiple thicknesses - Suitable for a wide range of applications, the Snapa glazing bar works well with 10mm, 16mm, 25mm, 32mm and 35mm Axiome® multiwall or other polycarbonate sheets. 

Simple Snap Fix Installation - Snapa Glazing Bars are the only complete truly snap fix glazing bar system, with a simple snap fix standard bar, gable bar and wall bar - no more gable and wall bar workarounds! 

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